Water, Water, Water!

Hello Lean Dreamers!

Thinking about the amount of weight I want to lose is so overwhelming. I have so many bad habits I need to break, I struggle with knowing where to begin! So, I’m starting off with something I feel like I can conquer relatively easily.

The goal I am focusing on this week is drinking more water! My goal is to drink at least one gallon every day (or at least as close to it as possible). I’m currently on day 3 and I feel great!

Drinking water makes me feel full and makes my stomach feel less bloated. Weird right? I feel full but not bloated! I’m sure it’s because I’m not drinking my usual lattes and juices which just make me feel gross (granted they are delicious). I started drinking more water in January of this year, but recently fell off. I started stopping at Starbucks more often and had the occasional soda. I noticed the difference right away. I almost immediately felt “bigger” and I started gaining weight back that I had worked so hard to get off earlier this year.

So, I’m back at it again. Luckily, I actually like water, so I don’t mind drinking it. I just hate having to go to the bathroom so many times in one day!

I hope your week is going well so far! Let’s finish off strong!


Stay Strong,

Chada Signature

P.S. My name is pronounced Sha-Day 🙂


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