Commuting & Weight Loss

Hey Lean Dreamers!

I missed weigh-ins # 3 and # 4. Yikes. Leave it to me to pick the worst time to start a blog! I recently started a new job and the commute is about an hour and a half each way. Another yikes! Being on a weight loss journey and commuting SUCKS. There’s no other way to put it. It sucks up so many hours of your day. It physically drains you, and if you have a short temper like me, people piss you off on the road which I’m sure isn’t so great for my stress levels and heart.

I missed two weigh-ins because I’ve just been too damn tired to type anything up. I needed two weeks to adjust to this new crazy schedule of mine and to get my bearings on just how I’m going to manage being successful on my weight loss journey while losing up to three hours of my day. Unfortunately, I have gained weight thanks to my poor eating habits while commuting.

As of this past Monday, August 8, 2016, which was weigh in number 4, I was a whopping 225.2 pounds. I’ve gained 3.2 pounds since the start of this journey. Yep, sucks.

However, through all this suckiness I have found one ray of sunshine…my new job has a GYM!! That’s right a freaking gym! I almost cried when found out on my first day. I can finally cancel my gym membership and save some money and I can go to the gym right after work before I have time to come up with excuses to not go.

I went a few times last week but since I ate so poorly I still gained weight. This week I’m feeling much more adjusted to this schedule and decided I’m going to go every day after work. It usually takes me two hours to get home if I leave right after work, but if I go to the gym and wait around a couple more hours (ugh, I know) before starting the drive it only takes an hour because the traffic dies down. Woot woot!

Today is Wednesday, so I’ve gone three times so far this week! I feel so much better now that I feel committed to this journey again. My eating habits are still a work in progress. The new job has forced me to start doing meal prep even though I hate cooking. I do like meal prep though because it saves money and calories. My main culprit is candy which is readily available at my job. Ugh! Like I said, work in progress.

The plan is to move closer to work, but I don’t know how soon that can happen since I now work in a more expensive area. In the mean time I’m going to look at the bright side which is I will start shrinking thanks to this new gym.

That’s it for tonight. I should be able to do my weigh-ins regularly on Mondays again since I’ll be sitting around after the gym waiting for traffic to die down. Yay!


Stay Strong,

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