Weigh-In #13

Hey Lean Dreamers,

I lost 1.8 pounds last week! 

On Monday, October 10, 2016 I weighed in at 224.6 pounds. This week I’m focusing on consuming less calories. I want to be out of the 220s for good!! I’m aiming for 1200 to 1300 per day. I’ve come to the conclusion that for me commuting and working out don’t go together. I’m driving about 4 hours everyday until I move and it has been beyond difficult for me to find the energy to work out. Mix that with eating fast food and junk food (which makes me even more sluggish) and I’m set up for disaster! So this week I’m taking back control eating wise. Even if I can’t workout I know that at least not over eating will help me lose some pounds. 

Since I can’t workout I’ve been sneaking in some activity during the day such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the parking structure at work. Yesterday my co workers and I decided to climb some stairs on our break (5 flights!) and I am so sore today!

I’m aiming to see 219 or less on the scale soon!  #bye220s

Stay Strong,


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