Hi Lean Dreamers,

This week I’ve taken back control over my eating and it feels amazing! I did my meal prep on Sunday and have been sticking to eating what I’ve cooked everyday. I’ll start posting pics of what I eat each week soon. 

The most important part for me is making sure I have healthy snacks on hand because if I get hungry I immediately go for peanut m&ms or Funyuns – both which are immediately available at my job! So this week I’ve been snacking on grapes, apple slices and mixed nuts…yummy! Ok, but I do miss the Funyuns. 

This week has not been easy though. On Tuesday my boss treated everyone to pizza and I had to decline which was the worst! Telling your boss no and getting crazy looks from everyone was not fun but well worth it in the end.

Yesterday someone brought in Krispy Kreme donuts! Those are literally the best donuts EVER and it took EVERYTHING in my being to eat ZERO. I could easily eat five of those without batting an eye but I resisted!!

I’m working on my self control everyday. Hopefully this pays off and I am finally out of the 220s come Monday! Fingers crossed!

Stay strong,



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