Weigh-In #3

Hey Lean Dreamers!

Last Thursday, 6/15/17, I did my third weigh-in since restarting my weight loss journey on 6/1/17. I lost exactly one pound. I was actually surprised I lost anything because I had started my period a couple days prior and that morning I felt like a huge, bloated mess. I’m grateful for the pound. As long as the scale is going down, I’m happy! Of course, I want it to go down faster, but at this point I’ve learned that trying to lose weight fast is just not in the cards for me. My period derailed my eating habits and exercise a bit, but this week I feel back on track. Stupid hormones. I don’t have any new goals this week. June is all about figuring out how to eat less calories and exercise more. I feel like every day is a struggle, but I’m sticking with it!

Goal weight: 160 pounds

Weight as of 6/1/17: 228.8 pounds

Weight as of 6/15/17: 225.4 pounds

Total weight lost 3.4 pounds


Talk Soon,



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