June Weight Loss Review: Epic Fail

Hey Lean Dreamers,

June was my attempt to re-start my weight-loss journey and I did not do well. The beginning of the month started okay, then got worse from there. Even though this situation totally blows I don’t want to be a total Negative Nancy. I believe that even when I fail, I still have something to learn from the failure so that I can do better the next time around. Therefore, I want to focus on what I learned from the month of June and put a plan in place to finally change these bad habits that have caused my weight gain.

First, here are my weight loss results for June 2017:

Goal weight: 160 pounds

Weight as of 6/1/17: 228.8 pounds

Weight as of 6/30/17: 229.4 pounds

Total weight gain: +0.6 pounds

What I learned in June 2017:

1. If I don’t prep my meals at the beginning of the week, I will eat out too much.

I work a full-time job, drive for Uber on nights and weekends, and I am pursuing other entrepreneurial goals. My days are booked. That’s why I workout during lunch and like to prep my meals so that I don’t have to deal with cooking during the week. Unfortunately, I only successfully prepped one week this month. The rest of the month I ate out A LOT. Not to mention I spent way too much money so my bank account is not looking good.

2. I drink too much coffee.

If I only drank black coffee that would probably be okay, but I drink my coffee with tons of added sugar and I love the fancy, sugary drinks like Frappuccinos. This month I drank coffee at least once per day, sometimes twice per day. Ironically I think the coffee is starting to drain my energy. The caffeine keeps me up which makes me sleep less, which makes me more tired the next day. It’s a VICIOUS cycle. Also, I’m positive I’m addicted to sugar. Therefore, I think the only option is to go cold turkey and give up coffee altogether. 😦 I’ve tried having it in moderation and that just doesn’t work for me right now. The addiction is too strong.

3. I binge too often on the weekends.

Since I don’t work my office job on the weekends, I lack a structured schedule on Saturday and Sunday. I use this time to relax, catch up on TV and sometimes drive for Uber. This means I usually order delivery and eat A LOT while binge watching a show. I’ve had this bad habit for years and I’ve finally realized that it’s time to make a change to how I approach eating on the weekends.

These were just a few of the things I learned during June. The good news is that they are all things I can change. It won’t be easy, but I know it is possible. JULY WILL BE BETTER. I’m claiming it now. I’ve spent too long being unhappy with my weight and now is the time to change. My next post will detail the specific goals I have for July.

Until next time, I wish you all a happy and healthy July!

Talk Soon,



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