Holiday Hike

Hi Lean Dreamers,

I had the day off work today for Fourth of July and I went on a hike!

Holiday Hike - A Lean Dream

Holiday hike in Los Angeles, CA

I am not an outdoorsy person whatsoever. I hate being in the sun and having to constantly shoo away bugs. However, hiking is a great leg workout and gives a good calorie burn, so I sucked it up and got out there today. My knees aren’t the best since I’ve had some knee injuries in the past, but today went well. The hike was 2.7 miles and took about an hour and a half. It felt good to be active on a day when I would have normally slept in. Now I feel like I can be productive for the rest of the day.

The video above is from my SnapChat. My username is @girlondead. The name comes from the podcast that I host about the TV show The Walking Dead!

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

Talk Soon,


P.S. My name is pronounced Shah-Day 🙂


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