July 2017 Goals

Hi Lean Dreamers!

It’s the top of the month and I am feeling motivated! If you read my last post you know that June was not a great month for weight-loss. I actually gained weight! As disappointing as this was, I learned a lot about what NOT to do in order to succeed in my weight loss journey.

I have a few goals that I will be focused on for July that I know will help me do better.

1. No more coffee. 

I am ready to end my toxic relationship with coffee once and for all! The coffee drinks I choose are filled with so much sugar and ruin my sleep cycles. For the month of July I am committing to drinking WATER ONLY. I have toyed with having it in moderation SO MANY times in the past and it has never worked. I always spiral out of control and end up having it everyday and usually twice per day. That ends in July!

2. No fast food.

Since I failed at meal prep in July, I ate a lot of fast food. My weakness is Panda Express. I was there almost daily. I can’t believe I even said that, but it’s true. July will be the month that I finally start cooking for myself. Not only will this save calories, but I will save a ton of money!

3. Exercise 6 times per week.

In June I actually didn’t do terrible with exercise, but since I ate so terribly I completely canceled out the calorie burn from the exercise. I got out of the habit of going everyday at lunch. Instead, I went 2-3 times per week. In July I’m going to increase it back to everyday. The hard part will be the 6th day on the weekend because I’m used to bingeing and relaxing on the weekends. And that is yet another reason I am not seeing results!

I’m going into July determined to make this weight loss work! What are your plans for July? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your journey.

Talk Soon,


P.S. My name is pronounced Shah-Day 🙂


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