Weigh In Day – Week 2

Hi Lean Dreamers,

These last two weeks have been HARD. I completely cut out fast food and decided to drink only water. (Read more about my July goals here). This meant that I had to cook 99% of my meals (I had one date night out at a restaurant which wasn’t fast food). It also meant that I had to give up coffee. Coffee is a nemesis for me because I always drink the sugariest coffee drinks which had started to drain my energy.

Although these past two weeks have been difficult, I can tell that the changes are working! I still have my tired days, but overall I feel much more energized and not as sluggish as I used to. I’m also falling asleep much easier which I believe is due to not having two coffees a day which was way too much caffeine. And best of all, I am seeing the scale go down!

The hardest part has been fighting the cravings. I did have Funyuns (my favorite chips) a few times, but I ate the snack size bags which were just enough to satisfy my versus getting the normal size or jumbo size bags like I did in the past which is just overkill. I’m most surprised that I did not give in to the fast food cravings. I really had some tough days when I wanted Panda Express (my favorite), but I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I want the weight loss more than I want the food. Since I have finally made weight loss a priority this has helped me push through on those tough days.

Below are my official second week results!

7-15-17 Weight Loss Chart

Weigh In Results Week 2 7/15/17

Wow! I’m officially down 5 pounds! What a difference cooking for yourself makes! I was shocked when I stood on the scale this morning because I was not expecting that number. This past week I did not exercise at all 😦 My gym buddy at work was on vacation and she is the one that pushes me. I know I need to learn to push myself so it’s no excuse, but she will be back next week so I can get back on track.

This past week I drank a gallon of water every day. I’m sure this had a huge impact on my loss this week. Water helped me feel full and it helped fight my cravings as well. Cooking all my meals meant I consumed way fewer calories than when I would eat fast food everyday.

So this coming week I will be incorporating daily exercise and continuing with no fast food and water only. I think with this strategy I can lose at least 3 pounds this week! That is the goal.

I hope your July is going well and that you are meeting your goals. Let me know how you are doing on your weight loss journey in the comments.

Talk Soon,


P.S. My name is pronounced Shah-Day 🙂


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