Weigh In Day – Week 4

Hi Lean Dreamers,

It’s my last weigh in for July 2017! I can’t believe I lasted a whole month and stuck to my goals AND actually updated this blog! haha

Unfortunately, I gained 0.4 pounds this week. 😦 As bummed as I am about that, I am very happy that overall for the month of July I lost 5.4 pounds!

Why I gained weight this week

Last weekend I was browsing Netflix and decided to watch a documentary called “What The Health.” BIG MISTAKE. The documentary is pro-vegan and provides disturbing details about the meat industry. After watching it, the thought of eating meat made me feel nauseous. So I decided to go vegan, then quickly realized it was much more realistic to start with a vegetarian diet, and then I realized that doing this cold turkey was not realistic at all. So I didn’t eat meat for 3 days. After those 3 days I binged on sushi and junk food. I was so hungry!! Moral of the story: I really screwed up my diet this week because I did something too drastic and paid the price for it. Although it’s not realistic (right now) for me to be vegan or vegetarian, it did make me realize that I need to incorporate more vegetables into my meals. And I will be buying organic meat from now on.

What I learned this month

I’m 31 years old and learned that the rumors are true: the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. It’s not impossible, but it is a STRUGGLE. Had I done exactly what I did in July 10 years ago, I would probably be down around 15 pounds. I know this because I did it in the past. So this means I will have to work even harder if I want to see those types of results again. However, even though the weight is coming off SUPER slowly, I am confident that I can KEEP IT OFF because I’m doing it the healthy way. I’m changing my lifestyle with realistic changes that can last a lifetime.

Did I stick to my goals?

I wrote a blog post describing the three goals I wanted to stick to in July.

No coffee: I lasted 27 days! I cannot remember the last time I didn’t drink coffee for the that long. I definitely notice the difference in my ability to fall asleep faster now that I haven’t been having coffee twice a day. I had coffee on July 28th and it was so delicious LOL. I now feel more in control and feel like I can have it in moderation and not let it consume my everyday routine.

No fast food: I lasted 28 days! This was MAJOR for me. Never at any point in time in my life (literally) have I ever ate this many home cooked meals. I grew up in a single parent household and ate a lot of fast food and didn’t learn a lot about cooking. Unfortunately, I carried those habits into adulthood and now the weight has finally caught up with me. I definitely feel less sluggish and have more energy since I cut out fast food. The main fast food restaurants I would visit regularly were McDonald’s, Panda Express, and In-N-Out. I had NONE of those for 28 days. Crazy. I did go out to eat to sit-down restaurants (which I don’t consider fast food) three times this month. Each time I went out I ordered sensibly and didn’t have alcohol. It was a real challenge to cook so much because it’s not something I’m used to but I am so happy I did it. I went to the mall on the 28th and had some Panda Express and I regret it! I’m definitely going to continue with not having fast food in the future.

Exercise 6 days a week: This was an epic fail. I did not meet this goal at all the entire month. Last week was the first week I exercised for five days out of the week. Prior to that I was doing 2 – 3 days per week. So there is progress, but I definitely need to increase my exercise in the future.

Here are my official week 4/July results!

7-29-17 Weight Loss Chart

I’m happy this month is over LOL It was a struggle! I learned a lot and I’m happy I lost weight. I’m hoping I can bring the same energy and focus into August and I’m hoping it will be at least a little bit easier. I’ll be posting my August goals sometime this week.

Talk Soon,


P.S. My name is pronounced Shah-Day 🙂


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