September 2017 Goals

Hey Lean Dreamers!

I haven’t checked in for a while, but I am still here on my weight loss journey. I don’t know what happened to August. It just flew by. Although I’ve been working out regularly, I’ve been eating too many calories so unfortunately I have gained some weight back 😦 BUT I’m still technically less than I was on 7/1/2017 when I officially re-started my dedication to this journey.

My weight as of 7/1/2017: 229.4 pounds.

My weight as of 8/1/2017: 224.0 pounds.

My weight as of 9/1/2017: 228.0 pounds.

This month I’m going to focus on the following:

Shrinking my stomach: I know this is not something that can be done overnight and that it’s impossible to pick where you want to lose weight on your body (aka spot reduce), however, I know that my poor eating habits (fast food, sugar, etc.) contribute heavily to the size of my stomach. As of right now my belly is 39.5 inches. When I measure, I measure from the narrowest part of my waist to my belly button.

Having a big stomach has taken a significant toll on my self-esteem. I used to love my body. I really want to get that feeling back. I’ve been asked more than once if I am pregnant (I’m not). I hate all the shirts I own because they seem to highlight how big my stomach is, but I’m too broke to buy new shirts/I don’t want to waste money on bigger sizes if I’m planning on losing the weight. Based on the research I’ve done regarding losing belly fat, it sounds like I need to drink lots of water, reduce my overall body weight, eliminate processed and junk food, do cardio 5 times per week, and do ab exercises. PHEW. It will be a challenge but the goal is to lose at lest 3 inches off of my stomach in September.

Goal: Lose 3 inches off my waist.

Meal Prep/No Eating Out: I completely failed at this in August. I don’t have any excuse. I was just being lazy and every weekend would pass by without me cooking my meals for the week which contributed to my weight gain and all the eating out drained by bank account. It was hard to cook anything during the week because everyday after work I was driving for Uber which is my current side hustle. As much as I love the extra money, if I don’t prepare my meals/snack before hand I always end up gaining weight.

As I type this I have chicken and vegetables in the oven in preparation for this weeks meals. I’m hoping this action will contribute to shrinking my waist and my next goal.

Goal: Start weekly meal prep routine.

Lose 10 pounds: There are four months left in the year. YIKES. My goal is to be 190 pounds by 12/31/2017. That means I need to lose roughly 10 pounds every month for the next four months. I believe that if I focus on reducing my calorie intake, eating clean, and exercising regularly then it can happen! So, since my weight on 9/1/2017 was 228.0 pounds, my weight on 10/1/2017 needs to be 218.0 pounds or less. That would mean I’m finally in the teens! I haven’t been there in so long. I CANNOT WAIT! I can already feel myself feeling better LOL

Goal: Lose 10 pounds.

Side note, posting my goals on here definitely helps me stick to them. It holds me accountable. I didn’t post my goals for August and I ended up gaining weight!

I’ll be back with my weekly weigh-in later this week!

Hope you have a healthy week!




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